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Tarot Cards _ Crystals

Tarot readings are a type of divination, a way to tap into your personal spirit guides.  These include a variety of spirit guides and angels that are helping you on your journey.  The Tarot consists of 78 cards.  There are 22 Major Arcana that represent big life experiences as well as 56 Minor Arcana that represent certain people in your life as well as day to day experiences.  I like to utilize the Tarot to help with healing and understanding our inner workings.  When we do a reading, I will explain the energies and information that comes up using my knowledge of the cards and my intuition.   Whether we do a single card pull, a past-present-future, or full reading I will give you insights for you to use as tools for your healing journey.


I personally prefer a Rider-Waite pocket sized deck, but I also use The Wild Unknown and The Light Seer's Tarot on occasion.  I also have a beautiful pocket Roots and Wings Oracle that I like to check in with for the overall mood of a reading. 

Single Card Pull $5
In Person Session $40
Distance Session $30

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