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Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is so much more than flexibility, so much more than a series of poses and more than a workout! Yoga is about connecting to yourself, moving out of the ego and into the authentic self. Yoga is a bridge between the mind and the body. Practicing yoga is very personal, it is more than just a fitness craze. While it originated in India and is commonly connected to Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism, Yoga is NOT a religion. Regardless of your religious preferences, yoga welcomes you. If you allow it in your life yoga will show you self-love, patience and empowerment.

I welcome students of all levels and from all walks of life. I make it a priority to accommodate those who have never done yoga before as well as offer different levels of poses if you would like more of a challenge. Let's get your body moving, your mind practicing stillness and your energy flowing to its highest potential. I am here to support you and guide you to the best of my abilities! We all start somewhere! Yoga is for every body!

*Much Love and Light to You*

Individual Class $15
6 Pack Bundle $60
10 Pack Bundle $90 (best deal)
Unlimited Monthly $105 (10%off
                      other events 
     merch that month)
Private Session in Studio $55
Private Session On Site $65

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